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Feeling Festive? Project Make

Welcome to my first Festive Project Make! Yeaaahh! I know it is a tad early for the “C” word but seeing as most of the Crafty Magazines have issued their festive editions – why not?

This is my first attempt at making a home made Christmas Card and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.

Time:  15 mins


Materials Required:

  • Big Shot Die Cutting Machine (or alternative)
  • A6 White Blank Greeting Card (15×10.5cm) / Envelope
  • Co-ordinating Coloured Card Stock for Background (14 cm x 9.5 cm)
  • White Card Stock (13.5 cm x 9 cm)
  • Christmas Themed Embossing Folder (freebie from issue 181 of #SimplyCardsandPapercraftMagazine)
  • Christmas Themed Dies (freebie from #PapercrafterMagazine October 2018 edition)
  • Sparkly / Holographic or Colour Co-ordinating with your background Card Stock
  • Adhesive
  • Double sided sticky foam pads
  • Spectrum Noir Clear Sparkle Pen (or embossing glue / powder)

Step 1: Using your die cutting machine (with relevant plates used to emboss) emboss your piece of white card stock using the Christmas themed embossing folder. This embossing will give a 3-d effect to your card.




Step 2:  Apply your Spectrum Noir Clear Sparkle to the raised areas of the embossed card.



Step 3:  Apply your embossed card centrally to the background coloured card stock using either glue or adhesive tape (it is easier to manover into position if you use wet glue).



Step 4:  Again, using your die cutting machine, die cut your Christmas Sentiment and deer embelleshment using your chosen fancier card stock.


Step 5:  Carefully adhere your sentiment (only the sentiment) to the card front, using wet glue, very carefully so as not to get glue on the front of the die cut.

Step 6:  Adhere your dee die cut to the card also, but this time using double sided sticky foam pads to give it a further 3-d effect.


Step 7:  Adhere the whole lot to the front of your A6 card.


Step 8:  Add a stamped Christmas sentiment image to the inside of your card if you wish.  I chose to leave mine blank for now.


You are finished! Well done!

I made another three of these cards using different coloured background card stock and they all look effective in their simplistic form 🙂


Tips:  Allow for your glitter pen ink and glue to dry at each stage of the project!

Altnerative options:

  • Round off the corners of your front and background card stock to give a slighty softer look (I like sharp lines!)
  • Instead of using the glitter ink, you may want to use embossing powder. Simply apply your embossing glue to raised areas of card front, apply your embossing powder, heat using your heat gun and ta da! (I’m not confident enough with embossing as yet!)
  • Mix it up by using different die cut embellishment(s) / position of sentiment, etc.  You could also colour the raised embossed areas with watercolour pens / paint / the possibilities are endless.
  • How about attaching a ribbon in between the front and background card sections and tie to give a lovely bow too?  Remember to use tape rather than glue for this or it may seep through your material!

Here is another variations of card I made on the same night 🙂  (Stamp set from Crafts Beautiful Magazine Oct 2018 issue.)


Well, I hope this has helped inspire you to try out your first hand crafted Christmas card!

T x



Home Decor & Upcycling

I gave our computer chairs a new lease of life…

I re-covered old computer chairs giving them a fresh new lease of life.  Although this took a bit of a fiddle and with my bad hands, mission was accomplished nonetheless.

The new material simply goes over the current padding and is tucked in under the plastic backing that is on both the seat pad and the back rest.  The stretchy cream material works better, rather than the cotton as there is not as much movement in the fabric when in use.

You cannot see the spray paint damage on the high back chair, nor the water stain damage on the low back chair now – two fewer pieces of furniture saved from the landfill!  Even the purchase these chairs at around £5-£10 each second-hand, we’ve saved £10 – £20 by up-cycling! #lesslandfill #lesswaste

The black material cost me a few bucks and the cream material I was gifted by a kind lady.


I hope this inspires you to try and up-cycle more, saving you pennies and making a contribution to #lesslandfill.


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Handmade Cards, Very Vintage

Very Vintage…Project Makes

I made these lovely vintage cards a while back using cardstock from a very vintage buy from Create and Craft TV.  I prefer to make my own embellishments rather than use the standard printed elements that came with this set.

Card 1:

I added some ink to a white doily to give it that rustic, vintage look and glued to the card. I then added some co-ordinating die cut card stock for the centre piece and added some lovely #TimHoltzIdeaology sentiment stickers. Looking through my vintage scraps I found this beautiful lady’s head die cut and added this to the bottom right side of my card. I then added a ribbon flower embeleshment to her hair for added dimension.

The most fun part was adding some dried press flowers and a gorgeous die cut sentiment of the word “believe”.


Card 2:

After adding three (ink stained card, co-ordinating card, piece of velum) layers to my card I added some ink to a white  die cut border frame to give it that rustic, vintage look and glued it to my the velum piece. to the card.

The most fun part was adding some dried press flowers and a gorgeous die cut sentiment of the word “love” and finishing off with a lovely ribbon bow to give the flowers the look of being tied.

Card 3:

Similar to Card 1 except I used the celebrate pre-cut sentiment / flower on this card as well as my own gorgeous insect die cut, cut from the most gorgeous of gold card.



Thanks for looking and #happycrafting!


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Creative Stamping Magazine inspired Project Makes, Handmade Cards

Autumnal Project Makes – Greeting Cards, inspired by Christina Griffiths, Creative Stamping Magazine Issue 60

Project Make: Autumnal themed greeting cards

Thank you for visiting my blog – this weekend I made some Autumnal themed greeting cards.  Today’s project makes will centre around the bottom card.  Creative Stamping designer Christina Griffiths recent vlogs inspired me to make these.



What you will need for this card:

6″ x 6″ Brown greeting cards and envelopes
Cardstock – white and orange
Stamping set from Creative Stamping Magazine issue 60 (leaf stamp and sentiment stamp)
Autumnal coloured inks – greens, orange, browns, reds or purples for the berries stamp
Adhesives – Glue tape / sticky pads / glue gun
Embellishments – brown / gold sequins / gems

Step 1:

Cut and round the corners of a piece of white card stock smaller than your actual card. I cut this piece at 4 1/2″ square.

Step 2:

Using autumnal colour inks and leaf stamp of your choice, stamp four images on the card in alternative colours.


Step 3:

Cut another piece of card (3″ x 2″ approximately) and round corners, in orange, and stamp with sentiment of your choice in a dark coloured ink so that it stands out from the background.  My sentiment reads “Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree” (Quote by Emily Bronte).  I also used memento ink for my sentiment in the shade rich cocoa.

Step 4:

Using a blending brush / sponge blend one of the lighter shades of ink around your sentiment layer (be careful not to add too much ink – try blotting some on your mat first of all).

Step 5:

Apply foam pads to back of sentiment layer and attach to stamped card layer.


Step 6:

Add colour coordinated embellishments to both the sentiment and stamped layers.

(Tip:  smear some wet glue on to your desk mat, use tweezers to lift your embellishment and gently apply on top of glued area on mat to achieve just the right amount of adhesive)



Step 7:

Using double-sided tape roller / glue apply to blank card.

Step 8:

Take a photo of your gorgeous creation before gifting / sending your card to friends / family / co-workers, etc.


Here are three other cards I made using same colour schemes, I just alternated the stamps and design.  I also upcycled a broken photo frame (no glass) to display a lovely autumnal motivational design which now sits on my craft desk 🙂




Thank you for reading and happy crafting.  Feel free to share #supportlocalcrafters



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Autumnal Project Makes – Greeting Cards:  Inspired by #ChristinaGriffiths #CreativeStampingMagazine Issue 60

Crafter's Companion Subscription Boxes Project Makes

Rose Friendship Card Project Make


Hello again my lovelies!  This week’s project make is a gorgeous Rose Friendship Card made straight from the Crafter’s Companion Subscription Box #3. The card measures 4 ¼ by 5 ½ inches in size. You can find a direct link to their website here.



Materials Required:


  • Scissors (or die cutting machine)
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Glue Gun or 3D Clear Glue
  • Colour Ink Pads of your choice
  • Ink Blending Brush (or cosmetic sponge they work the same) I used fingertip sponge blenders
  • Pretty gems for embellishing your rose


Materials Supplied in the Kit:

Rose_Card (1)


  • Cards
  • Colour Card
  • Patterned Paper
  • Card inserts
  • Floral Rose / Leaf Stamp set
  • Sentiment stamps from the same stamp set
  • Envelope suitable for the size of card




Step 1: Choose whatever patterned paper you wish to use as the main part of the card background. Stick this onto a co-ordinating plain paper/card and adhere it to your card (make sure you leave approximately ¼ inch gap around edges to give it that lovely layered look). I used this lovely rose design paper on top of lilac coloured card.  You should stamp your sentiments of choice on the front of your card at this stage.



Step 2: Die Cut (or hand cut using scissors) and Stamp some flowers onto plain or coloured card stock using any ink colour of your choice (to co-ordinate with background paper). I used the Rose Die Cut and Stamp from this subscription box and cut out/stamped three flowers. For the ink I used a purple pigment ink purchased from #Hobbycraft.


Step 3: Stamp some leaves using ink colour of choice and die cut / cut them out.  You can use coloured card or plain white, whatever your preference.  I used a dark green pigment ink, again from #Hobbycraft and I only used one of the die cuts (Dark Green on Green).


Step 4: To give the cards a 3D look, work the petals (on the reverse side) with a ball tool (mines was a little too small a ball but it worked nevertheless!).  Do the same on the reverse side (non-stamped) of the leaves.


Step 5:  Turn your floral die cuts over and work the ball tool in the “middle” section of the flower which enhances the 3D look even more. (You do not have to do this part on the leaves).

Rose_Card (12)


Step 6: Using your blending brush / foam / sponge blend in some ink, being careful not to apply it too dark – you want a subtle look, onto your die cuts. Don’t they look pretty?

Rose_Card (13)


Tip:  I use a sponge make up brush from Poundland.


Step 7: Choose and stamp your choice of sentiment on the inside of the card insert. I used the “Just for you” sentiment and also applied a border of stamped leaves on the card. Put it aside till after you have applied your embellishments to the card front.

Rose_Card (21)

Step 8: Glue the card insert into your card.


Step 9:  Layer your floral die cuts onto front of card using a hot glue gun, foam pads or 3D glue.

Rose_Card (19)



Step 10: Apply embellishments of choice to add some extra prettiness to your card (I used basic self-adhesive pearl embellishments here).

Rose_Card (15)


Step 11: Pick a lucky recipient to receive your card! Make sure you take a photograph of your beautiful creation.

Rose_Card (23)


Tip: Why not stamp some of your envelope to match your card? (As seen above).

You can view a cool quick 30 second photo collage video of this crafty make here.

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Handmade Cards

Friendship Card Project Make

Smith’s Crafty Creations has been quiet lately so I thought I’d do a project make blog.

Today’s make (well, I actually made these a few weeks ago) is a Friendship Card which measures A6 size (½ A5). I made two cards from one A4 sheet of cardstock.

Be_Your_Beautiful_Self (1).jpg

Materials Required:

  • A4 White Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Double sided sticky foam pads
  • Colour Ink Pads of your choice
  • Floral / leafy Stamps of your choice (you can hand draw if you don’t have stamps)
  • Sentiment of your choice for both front and inside of card
  • Ink Blending Brush (or cosmetic sponge they work the same) I used finger tip sponge blenders
  • Pretty gems for embellishing
  • C6 envelope of your choice

Step 1: Fold the A4 card in half to make A5 size card, cut in two down the shortest length which will give you two A6 sized horizontal cards.

Step 2: Stamp some floral flowers around the bottom half and right side of card, alternating between two co-ordinating colours of ink. I used a freebie set of stamps from Magazine 178. of Simply Cards and Papercraft Magazine. I used Hobbiecraft Ink Pads in the colours of Orange, Yellow and Dark Green.

Step 3: Stamp some leafs around your flowers.

**It does not matter if you stamp off of the page – I think this makes for a more natural looking handmade card.**

Step 4: Calculate how many 3D flowers and leaves you would like to add to your card and stamp in relevant colour, you can layer your stamping if you wish using different shades of that colour, etc. Blend ink slightly to give a more natural softer look.


Step 5: Fussy cut your stamped pieces keeping as close to the outline as possible.

Step 6: Using your blending brush / foam / sponge blend in some ink, being careful not to apply it too dark – you want a subtle look, onto your cut shapes.

Step 7: Apply on top of original stamped images on the card, snipping away any overlapping sections.

Step 8: Choose and stamp your choice of sentiment in one of the colours used on the card. I can’t remember the make of the be beautiful stamp but it was purchased from McOysters Papercraft Store in Cupar, Fife.

Step 9: Layer your sentiment onto some hand / die cut shapes that will fit nicely on your card. (For the bottom layer I blended all three colours used on my card, then applied yellow as the second layer, and finally, basic white card stock was used for my stamp, all fussy cut by hand.)

Step 10: Apply embellishments of choice to add some extra prettiness to your card (I used basic self-adhesive pearl embellishments).

Step 11: Pick a sentiment and co-ordinating ink colour to apply your message to the inside of your card. I used a Dovecrafts Friendship Sentiment here which was purchased from The Range.


Step 12: Pick a lucky recipient to receive your card! Make sure you take a photograph of your beautiful creation.

Note: For card number two I stamped on the top and the right side and placed my sentiment accordingly (pictured below).

Be_Your_Beautiful_Self (2).jpg

Tip: Why not stamp some of your envelope to match your card?