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Rose Friendship Card Project Make

Hello again my lovelies!  This week’s project make is a gorgeous Rose Friendship Card made straight from the Crafter’s Companion Subscription Box #3. The card measures 4 ¼ by 5 ½ inches in size. You can find a direct link to their website here.
Materials Required:

  • Scissors (or die cutting machine)
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Glue Gun or 3D Clear Glue
  • Colour Ink Pads of your choice
  • Ink Blending Brush (or cosmetic sponge they work the same) I used fingertip sponge blenders
  • Pretty gems for embellishing your rose

Materials Supplied in the Kit:
Rose_Card (1)

  • Cards
  • Colour Card
  • Patterned Paper
  • Card inserts
  • Floral Rose / Leaf Stamp set
  • Sentiment stamps from the same stamp set
  • Envelope suitable for the size of card

Step 1: Choose whatever patterned paper you wish to use as the main part of the card background. Stick this onto a co-ordinating plain paper/card and adhere it to your card (make sure you leave approximately ¼ inch gap around edges to give it that lovely layered look). I used this lovely rose design paper on top of lilac coloured card.  You should stamp your sentiments of choice on the front of your card at this stage.

Step 2: Die Cut (or hand cut using scissors) and Stamp some flowers onto plain or coloured card stock using any ink colour of your choice (to co-ordinate with background paper). I used the Rose Die Cut and Stamp from this subscription box and cut out/stamped three flowers. For the ink I used a purple pigment ink purchased from #Hobbycraft.

Step 3: Stamp some leaves using ink colour of choice and die cut / cut them out.  You can use coloured card or plain white, whatever your preference.  I used a dark green pigment ink, again from #Hobbycraft and I only used one of the die cuts (Dark Green on Green).

Step 4: To give the cards a 3D look, work the petals (on the reverse side) with a ball tool (mines was a little too small a ball but it worked nevertheless!).  Do the same on the reverse side (non-stamped) of the leaves.

Step 5:  Turn your floral die cuts over and work the ball tool in the “middle” section of the flower which enhances the 3D look even more. (You do not have to do this part on the leaves).
Rose_Card (12)
Step 6: Using your blending brush / foam / sponge blend in some ink, being careful not to apply it too dark – you want a subtle look, onto your die cuts. Don’t they look pretty?
Rose_Card (13)
Tip:  I use a sponge make up brush from Poundland.
Step 7: Choose and stamp your choice of sentiment on the inside of the card insert. I used the “Just for you” sentiment and also applied a border of stamped leaves on the card. Put it aside till after you have applied your embellishments to the card front.
Rose_Card (21)
Step 8: Glue the card insert into your card.
Step 9:  Layer your floral die cuts onto front of card using a hot glue gun, foam pads or 3D glue.
Rose_Card (19)
Step 10: Apply embellishments of choice to add some extra prettiness to your card (I used basic self-adhesive pearl embellishments here).
Rose_Card (15)
Step 11: Pick a lucky recipient to receive your card! Make sure you take a photograph of your beautiful creation.
Rose_Card (23)
Tip: Why not stamp some of your envelope to match your card? (As seen above).
You can view a cool quick 30 second photo collage video of this crafty make here.
Be sure to follow my blog for future #papercrafting #projectmakes. Thanks for your interest in this post.  Comments always welcome.

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