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Create a gorgeous upcycled wedding / engagement gift 3D photo frame

I am soooooo in love with this cute alternate frame I created.
I was gifted four of these frames from my Mother-in-Law Helen as she knew they wouldn’t go to waste once I got my crafty little hands on them.

  • 4×6″ photoframe(s)
  • Sara Davies Signature Rustic Cottage Metal Dies-Aged Rose (Rustic Cottage Collection)
  • Deep pink card stock
  • White Ink (Dovecraft Premium Essentials)
  • Medium sized Ivory paper rose heads
  • Small White paper rose heads
  • Pink Rose flat-back resin embellishments
  • Pastel coloured satin rose bud heads
  • Metal Charm embellishments (Queen Crowns x2 and a Love Sentiment)Tools:
  • Big Shot Die Cutting Machine
  • Hot Glue Gun

Mrs and Mrs Upcycled Frame #weddinggift #samesexmarriage #MrandMr
Wow – I’m so in love with this 🙂

Step 1: Die cut (or hand cut – use Google for a free printable template) circular florals and bone fold to shape petals.

Step 2: Roll up or quill into flower shape. (I inked the petal edges to give a less white look.)

Step 3: Glue together firmly and add floral centre embellishment as desired (pearl, button, satin rose, etc.)

Repeat until you have enough for your project.
Step 4: Securely glue embellishments to your frame mixing up with other items as you see here. These were premade and purchased from eBay (paper roses and plastic flat back resin roses).
Remember to cut off the metal wire prior to fixing.

Step 5:
Secure chosen charms to your frame also. Have a play around to see where best to fit them.

I chose two queens crowns and the word love. This is an ideal present for a same sex couple 🙂

Mrs and Mrs Upcycled Frame #weddinggift #samesexmarriage #MrandMr
Isn’t this just beautiful?

Step 6: Take a photograph of your creation!
Mrs and Mrs Upcycled Frame #weddinggift #samesexmarriage #MrandMr
Tip: Ensure there are no strings of glue left behind from your glue gun (as you can see I forgot to tidy my glue up before I took the photograph!).
Alternate Suggestion: Instead of getting rid of old frames, give them a new lease of life by upcycling as in this tutorial, or by giving it a lick of chalk paint to match your decor. Either way you will end up with a gorgeous looking one-off frame that no-one else has! Each upcycled frame is unique to you / the recipient.
Here is a different style that I also created (this frame’s glass was missing so I decided to make something for me).

I hope this has inspired you to try this at home and begin your upcycling crafty journey!

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