Well, I have been on and off with my crafting recently due to one thing or another (that always includes health btw! lol) however, I have managed to make some craft fair items most of which are Christmas themed.
The first one isn’t a new idea, in fact, everyone seems to be making these in the run up to Christmas so I am too….
The traditional “Reindeer Food” that kids love to sprinkle on the lawn, porch on Christmas Eve…
…..but you know what?  This one isn’t packed full of glitter or annoying bits of confetti that seem to get dragged through your house until at least the end of January!  Plain… Simple… Porridge Oats… stored in a cute little embellished cellophane bag.
…but what about us mums and dads?  What do we get? Well…. here are two items (one alcohol gift and one alcohol free)…..
Tree Decoration / Hanging “Special Tea” Gift..
I haven’t seen these before but I did find the little poem on Pintrest, there are lots of variations but I liked this one.
and then there is this…..
Minature Wine Gift…
This doesn’t need to be a Christmas Eve must (but it can help :)) but could also double up as a little gift for a friend, neighbour, work colleague, etc.  I embellished this with a template cut from my Brother Scan n Cut CM900 machine and although the hard work is done by the machine, I loved putting this together.  I’ve made extras of these for my craft fair and used different variations of DSP and also the Brads which are used to secure the Poinsettia.

Okay, enough of the Christmas Eve traditions, how about these super cute Tree Decorations / Gifts…..  Again, I used a template from my Scan n Cut but I loved embellishing these with different ribbons and bows.  The first lot I made contain Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and the second lot contain various Yankee Candles.

The chocolate version includes a lovely little acetate window to help prevent anything from falling out!!
I hope this can give you some inspiration for little gifts, etc. this year.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. These are beautiful christmas gifts. A lot of hard work but very creative. You are very talented.

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