Product Showcase

Every month on this page, I will be featuring one of our fabulous Stampin’ Up! Products.

I will showcase the product for you, explaining all of the benefits to the best of my ability.

This month’s product is the brand new Stampin’ Up! Trimmer

Background to why we have a new Trimmer:

When Stampin’ Up! learned that their manufacturer was no longer interested in producing the paper trimmer for us, they immediately started exploring options to have it manufactured at a different facility. After numerous rounds of tests and adjustments, production with a new manufacturer was still not meeting Stampin’ Up!’s strict quality standards.

Everyone knows that completely exclusive products are always preferable, but that option is not always available. So, with the knowledge that their current inventory wouldn’t last long, they determined that the best approach for a long-term paper trimmer option would be partnering with a company that already had a great paper trimmer in production. This would also ensure the manufacturer would offer stable, ongoing support for this product. Stampin’ Up! spent a great deal of time thoroughly testing many paper trimmers on the market. After rating each option, they decided on the paper trimmer that would be best to add to our already great product offering.

High-quality construction
Makes clean, straight cuts
Clear measurements (both metric and imperial)
Keeps cutting blade and scoring blade on track at same time
Hanging hook

Stampin’ Up! have worked hard with their new manufacturer to give the new paper trimmer a nice Stampin’ Up! look and feel – which I love as I like everything to match in my life! (Craft habits lol).

I have added the new trimmer link below, however, this will not work until it becomes live to the public so please keep checking back

Product List

Now the main benefits and/or improvements I like are:

* Thinner in depth
* Slightly thinner in width
* Lightweight
* Sturdier Extension Arm and general construction
* Improved paper guides
* Change of grid measurements from Cm to Inches
* At section where arm extends out, measurements are clearer and   ingrained into the plastic
* Sturdier wider ruler which holds paper secure
Easier movement of Blade and Scorer
* New hanger section
* Easier process when changing blades and scorer
* Measuring guides on both blades and scorer horizontally and vertically….

Want to know more? Feel free to watch my YouTube Review of our new Trimmer 🙂