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Welcome to my Beginner Stamping Stampin’ Up! UK Page

Are you new to stamping? Are you a beginner and want to learn all about stamping? Want to learn the basics? Then you’ve come to the right page where you can learn about beginner stamping with Stampin’ Up! UK.

The thought of starting out with stamping can be quite overwhelming to say the least. Many questions are going round your head – what do I need, what if I’m not good at it and the list goes on. When someone’s new, stamping can seem a little overwhelming—too many products with not enough help can put you off.

Well, you can learn to stamp, and you will be awesome. All the stampers out there, including myself, were new to stamping too at one point.

The key is to start off with easy projects and build your experience up.

At Stampin’ Up! we have a beginner specific mini brochure that you can follow as a starting point. It recommends stamps suitable for beginners and also shows you some basic projects to get you started. If you would like a copy sent via the post please contact me via the “Contact Me” link at the bottom of this page.

Want to get people excited about stamping? This brochure is made just for beginners! With fun projects and kits made with beginners in mind, you’ll fall in love with the endless creativity that you’ll find yourself having!

Help for Beginner Stampers

The brochure aims to accomplish four things:

  1. Introduce you to our products and our wonderful world of connections.
  2. Offer a simple and simple experience for beginners.
  3. Suggest and provide basic stamping products to give you a successful stamping experience.
  4. And finally, we hope that having used our products and our new beginners brochure, that you will continue to craft and unleash your new found creativity.

Have a look at some of the products and samples examples below, all stunning in their own form.

Some of the projects you can make

All of these beautiful kits and products are available to buy from my online shop by clicking the link below

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Click on the Contact Me image below if you have any questions, queries or would like further information or assistance.

I have linked some tutorials below that I have on my YouTube channel aimed at beginner stamping and the series is called #SimpleStamping – these are only a few – feel free to subscribe to my channel so that you can follow this series.

Beginner Stamping Stampin’ Up! UK

Although these are now retired products, these videos can still give you a good idea for some beginner stamping projects.