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Join My Team Stampin’ Up! UK Scotland Team Tricia Smith

There’s never a better time to join Stampin’ Up! and I’d love to welcome you to my growing team #SmithysStampers (aka Team Smithy). Join My Team Stampin’ Up! UK Scotland Fife Team Tricia Smith.

Love being creative? Become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and start your own journey with a company dedicated to creating community, encouraging creative experiences, and helping others—and enjoy benefits like early access to new and exclusive products, discounts, and an opportunity to earn a modest supplemental income.

Start Your Stampin’ Up! Journey

Love being creative? Join my team and become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator today!
If you love to craft and thrive being part of a creative community, then becoming a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator may be the perfect opportunity for you. Sign up today and you’ll receive your pick of 175 € | £130 worth of products for only 129 € | £99!

Get 20%–25% off all Stampin’ Up! Products.
Plus, exclusive early access to new products.
Have the opportunity to earn a modest supplemental income based on your sales.
Get support through online training resources, events, and a demonstrator-only online community with thousands of project ideas.
Access to regular promotions, giving you an opportunity to contact customers.
Learn creative tips and techniques, share ideas, and come into contact with new friends and teammates who love papercrafting as much as you do!

If you live here, you can join my team!!

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  • YOU choose what goes in your kit.
  • The Starter Kit includes business resources like catalogues, brochures, order forms, and postcards. 
  • New team members who join Stampin’ Up! get to be a part of our amazing community of crafters. Plus, they get to enjoy sharing simple and fun crafting experiences with others, early access to products, and exclusive access to training events.

Nothing brings people together like creativity. As a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, you’ll get to share what you love and have the opportunity to expand your circle of friends when you join our close-knit creative community. You’ll also have the chance to meet and gather with fellow demonstrators from around the world at company-sponsored virtual and in person events. Don’t forget the importance of hosting your own fun gatherings to share your favourite projects and products with your customers. Discover the joy of paper-crafting together! At Stampin’ Up!, people are at the heart of everything we do. We make a difference when we share creativity through demonstrator-organized efforts and through our formal Making a Difference program. As a demonstrator, you’ll have the opportunity to give back to your community and do more good in the world. Learn more about Making a Difference or check out #SUDifferenceMaker.

The Starter Kit is already a great value at £99 for £154 worth of products, but with this additional spend when joining, you’ve got a great reason to join. Don’t forget the free shipping of your kit and free business supplies too (don’t worry if you are joining to simply enjoy the 20% discount on products).

Joining Stampin’ Up! opens up lots of exclusive opportunities for you as a crafter, whether you are joining to build a business (requires time, dedication and consistency) or as a discount shopper looking for discount on future purchases of our wonderful products.

New to crafting and want to take up a new hobby? You should join! We have many kits (and more) available to include in your kit which are aimed specifically at beginners. So don’t ponder, go for it.

I have a team of demonstrators that I support and I love this part of my job immensely. I love to coach, train and mentor my team and see their Stampin’ Up! businesses grow. I also offer the same support to those on the team who are hobby demonstrators, to keep you inspired makes me smile – we are all equal in #TeamSmithy. Catching up via regular team meetings both online and in person is one of the best bits of being a leader. Not to mention the discounts, sneak peeks and pre-ordering of new products that we as demonstrators have early access to. Then there is the events we can attend, the new friends we meet along the way plus much more. I love everything about this company.

Please read more about joining my team further down the page. If you have any questions please do contact me for a chat. Join our #StampinUpFamily 🌈✂️👨‍👩‍👦 today

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If you are visiting direct from our UK store address be sure to follow the diagram below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Joining Stampin’ Up!

Let me explain how it works and what benefits you can expect that you maybe are not aware of.

Why should I join?

Let me tell you why I joined first.

The reason I joined was very clear to me back in October 2018 and it was the co-ordination of Stampin’ Up! products, the card that matched the DSP that matched the ribbon, the embellishments and well, then there’s the Punches (love love love), the co-ordinating dies, the Stampin’ Up! community across the globe….

The reason that I love the co-ordination is because having had huge amounts of different brands of paper craft products I was really struggling to bring together projects – nothing matched and looked a mess in my eyes.  Oh and then there was my ME which causes me to struggle with concentrating at times.  I wasn’t aware at the time of all the other exclusive benefits that I would receive as a demonstrator at the time, but you can read more about that below. Watch my short video for 10 reasons to join….

How do I join Stampin’ Up!?

For £99 you can fully personalise your own Starter Kit up to the value of £130 That’s £31 of free product on top – for free! 

  • Stampin’ Up! will waive your £6.95 shipping fee for your starter kit delivery.
  • Exclusive to you as a demonstrator = 20% instant discount on Cumulative Sales Values of products as long as you remain an active demonstrator. AND the option for a further 5% discount on top of that as part of our compensation plan. This is not inclusive of VAT
  • Free Business Pack (don’t worry if you are only joining for the discount! lots of others do too!).
  • Exclusive to demonstrators – Early bird pre-order of new catalogues and products and promotions (such as Annual Catalogue, Mini Catalogues, Sale-a-bration Products and the Clearance Rack – but not our hostess stamp sets) meaning you can have these products before the general public can!
  • Exclusive Support with your demonstrator role from myself as well as support from Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Support Teams and a whole website full of information and creative inspiration via our Stampin’ University Library.
  • Weekly Updates emailed direct to you to keep you organised in terms of when new products launch, ideas to keep you crafting and keep you busy with your new products!
  • Exclusive Access to my  #SmithysStampers Team Smithy Demonstrator Team Facebook Group.
  • Exclusive access to a whole array of Stampin’ Up! Social Media Groups and Pages across the Stampin’ Up! Community.
  • Exclusive access to #OnStage Events in both the UK and Europe.
  • Incentive programmes such as #FlexPoints for the chance to earn #incentivetrips around the world!

Click here to join:

Do I need to make this a business?

Simple answer is no.

If you are joining to be a discount shopper / hobbyist you will still receive all the exclusive opportunities and discounts as a business builder would.

However, if you want to take your crafting further and make a business out of it you will still receive all of the above benefits but will also have the chance to:

  • Increase your instant commission and progress your title within Stampin’ Up!
  • Earn volume rebates
  • If you grow a team of your own, there’s team commissions too as well as rewards for team progress!
  • Free spend in the catalogue based on your Sale-a-bration sales levels
  • Everything you need to run your business successfully is available from Stampin’ Up! – Ideas, incentives, client management programmes, online leads – the list goes on!

I would love to do Social Media but don’t know how?

If you wish help with this, I’ll help you through the basics to get you started whether this is a blog, YouTube channel or simply a Facebook page or group.  Even if you don’t want to start a business, you can still make yourself known on Social Media to showcase your creations – why not?!?

I do not want to run a Business does that matter?

No – it doesn’t matter – you can still be a part of my team simply for the discount and benefits as mentioned above – All of my team receive the same support and encouragement from myself whether hobbyist or business.  And, if you change your mind further down the road and want to try running a business I can support you then too.

Do I need to live near you?

No – you can live anywhere in the UK, France, Germany, Austria or the Netherlands – you’ll still be very welcome wherever you live! You will still receive the same support – everyone is equal in my team.

What support will I receive?

As a team leader I strive on equal opportunity and support for all of my team members. In #teamsmithy you will hear from me regularly unless I am on holiday, whether this is via online support, email, text, phone, face to face of via our #teamsmithy demonstrator Facebook Group Page. I’ll support you extra in the early days till you feel comfortable enough in your new role. We are also using Zoom more recently for Team Meetings which are working really well.

What are minimum sales values?

All demonstrators world wide have a minimum CSV order value to meet each quarter (our financial year runs in quarters Jan Feb Mar / Apr May Jun / Jul Aug Sep / Oct Nov Dec).

As a new demonstrator joining part way through a quarter  you will receive the remainder of that quarter as a grace period (meaning no minimum sales values apply) plus the next quarter to meet your minimum sales values.  The minimum sales value for all demonstrators across the globe is 300 CSV (cumulative sales value). In the UK this converts to around £274 but after your discount is applied, it amounts to approximately £230 minimum sales per quarter. It does sound a lot but if you break it down into weekly spend this equates to £17.70 per week – I know I could easily have spent this and more on crafts out of the cheap shops and alike in one week.  Let’s just say my spending is far more controlled and specific now which suits me better.

What if I can’t meet my minimums?

I would recommend, in the first instance, that you contact me and we can discuss together and look at ways of getting those sales in.
If you can’t meet your minimums within a quarter you will go into “pending/inactive” status for a further month after that quarter ends. This is to give you that little bit extra time to meet your minimums – it would be such a shame to lose someone as a demonstrator for example, if they were £20 short on their figures – the pending month could allow you that extra few weeks to find more sales either from a customer or from your own order  If you still fail to meet your minimums at the end of the pending month your status will change from pending to dropped.
But don’t worry, you can join again at a later date.

Can I change my mind?

Yes you can  – when you sign up you will be required to read and acknowledge via tick box the online independent demonstrator agreement (IDA) that sets out all of the requirements and contract information including details of the cooling off period. Please ensure that you read these terms and conditions.

e requirements and contract information including details of the cooling off period. Please ensure that you read these terms and conditions.

Anything Else?

Well yes, a little hint for you, when you have decided to join and have everything set up, you may wish to sign up for our DBWS (Demonstrator Business Web Site) and get first two months free. When setting up your DBWS account you will be asked to name your account, using your name is absolutely fine, however, if you are wanting a business out of this, this is a good point to pick your business name and incorporate this when setting up your DBWS account.  For example: smithscraftycreations, Caroline’s Crafts, StevenStamps, etc. Please do not include words “Stampin” or “Stampin’ Up!” in your shop name as it’s against policy.

One last thing…

Before clicking on the JOIN THE FUN option you will be required to set up as a customer first, you can do this by visiting my Stampin’ Up! Shop Page and Creating an Account.  Make sure that you see my details in the top right hand corner TRICIA SMITH.

What are you waiting for?  I can’t wait to help you through your crafting journey! Join my team today 🙂

Join My Team Stampin’ Up! UK Scotland Fife Team Tricia Smith

Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator Requirements are detailed in our Demonstrator Policy Handbook available on request