Card Making Classes in Fife

Thanks for visiting my Card Making Classes in Fife page. So happy to have you here. Due to Covid-19 all in-person events are cancelled until further notice.

Class by Post

Monthly Class by Post costs may vary month to month depending on projects being offered.

Watch this space for future class by post availability!

Contact me via any of my social media channels (links at end of page) or email me:

In-person Events

So you are interested in attending some card making classes in Fife? That’s great. I offer both local weekly coffee and a card classes as well as monthly product based workshops. (On hold due to Covid)

All of my classes and workshops are fun, friendly and full of inspiration.

My Stampin’ Up! Coffee and a Card Group and Workshops are a fun way to play with our most recently current products. It is also a great way to learn about our brand as well as learning some new techniques.

Card Making Classes in Fife

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