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Easy DIY Upcycled Motivation Quotes Jar

Today I am sharing a different blog post in the form of an Easy DIY Upcycled Motivation Quotes Jar. Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of all the good in life, on the days we don’t feel 100%.

I chose to make myself this after my 9 year old son made one for a home schooling project. His was a “things to look forward to” jar.

Didn’t he do a good job decorating the outside.

Some of his things to look forward to, other than getting back to school, have yet to happen as restrictions are still active here.

Easy DIY Upcycled Motivation Quotes Jar

Use scrap pieces of paper or some post it notes. Write down positives, fold up the note and put them in your jar. Keep adding to it and you will find that there is more good than bad. Here are some samples of my motivational notes.

Some examples:

  • Count to ten then breathe
  • Always be yourself
  • Your feelings are real, acknowledge them
  • You ROCK
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself
  • Do something today that makes you happy

Easy DIY Upcycled Motivation Jar

I used my label machine for the title on front, and my heart punches and a sentiment on the top.

If you decide to make something similar, please do share your creations with me. Why not get the kids or grandkids involved too.

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