Christmas, Handmade Cards

Feeling Festive? Project Make

Welcome to my first Festive Project Make! Yeaaahh! I know it is a tad early for the "C" word but seeing as most of the Crafty Magazines have issued their festive editions - why not? This is my first attempt at making a home made Christmas Card and I wanted to keep it as simple… Continue reading Feeling Festive? Project Make

#RAKS Random Acts of Kindness & Friendship

When crafting makes you smile :)

  Hello! and welcome to my first blog post (teeth clenching times!) I've been stuck on what topic to base my first blog post on when... I came across this lovely post on Facebook that I was tagged in. It's from  lady that is on the same card swap group that I am part of.… Continue reading When crafting makes you smile 🙂