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I gave our computer chairs a new lease of life…

I re-covered old computer chairs giving them a fresh new lease of life.  Although this took a bit of a fiddle and with my bad hands, mission was accomplished nonetheless.
The new material simply goes over the current padding and is tucked in under the plastic backing that is on both the seat pad and the back rest.  The stretchy cream material works better, rather than the cotton as there is not as much movement in the fabric when in use.
You cannot see the spray paint damage on the high back chair, nor the water stain damage on the low back chair now – two fewer pieces of furniture saved from the landfill!  Even the purchase these chairs at around £5-£10 each second-hand, we’ve saved £10 – £20 by up-cycling! #lesslandfill #lesswaste
The black material cost me a few bucks and the cream material I was gifted by a kind lady.
I hope this inspires you to try and up-cycle more, saving you pennies and making a contribution to #lesslandfill.
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